Physics 2401-003, Spring, 2016
(Principles of Physics II)
 Attention!! This course is finished!! I have no idea when I'll teach it again!
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Major International Physics News!
The LIGO Collaboration has detected Gravitational Waves!
This  was announced 2/11/2016 at a NASA-NSF News Conference
 & confirms a 1915 prediction of Einstein's General Relativity!!

Congratulations to TTU Physics Faculty members, Drs. Alessandra Corsi & Ben Owen, 
who along with several post-doctoral reseachers & students are part of this collaboration.
Links about this:
Press Releases:  TTU. American Physical Society. NASA-NSF.
News Stories: 
 BBCForbesLA TribuneNew Scientist.

1Attention!! This course is finished!! I have no idea when I'll teach it again!

2. All graded & unclaimed material has now been placed in a box outside my office (Science Room 18).
If you have questions about why you got the grade you did, please send me an email or else make an appointment to see me and we will talk about it.
3. On-Line Homework: As is stated in the Syllabus, On-Line Homework is assigned & graded throughthe WebAssign website. So you obviously need to have access to that site in order to do the homework. Instructions for accessing WebAssign& for registering on it are Here. Our WebAssign Course Key is: ttu 3649 4023
4. Power Point LecturesThere are some Power Point Lectures on the Lecture Pages.Please note that they may be undergoing revisions as the class proceeds.

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