Physics 2401-H01, Fall, 2015
(Principles of Physics II, Honors!)
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You MUST be enrolled concurrently in Physics 2401 Lab & Recitation Sections!

The ONLY way to learn this stuff is to DO PHYSICS YOURSELF  by
I don't take roll & have no specific attendance policy. But, isn't it obvious that (unless you are a genius!) class attendance is required to get a good grade (or better, to actually LEARN SOMETHING!)? There's a correlation between class attendance & grades. Skipping also means that you are WASTING the tuition & fees that you (or your parents) paid! With tuition & fees for a full-time (Texas resident) student, each class meeting costs about $40. Each time you skip, you are throwing away $40!! After a while this adds up! My lectures may not be entertaining or brilliant, but I do expose you to the material.
1. Study Groups are an EXCELLENT idea! It's easier to learn stuff with friends' help! You are strongly encouraged to form such groups to work on homework & study for quizzes & exams together! This is how most professionals work in real situations! If you don't have friends in class, perhaps its time to make some!
2. Lab & Recitation Co-Requisites: 
You MUST be enrolled concurrently in Physics 2401 Lab & Recitation Sections!
3. Email List: TTU gives me a class email distribution list. We can use it to have email discussions (homework, etc). Please be sure that I have your correct email address & that you check your email DAILY!!  If you aren't on my list, you won't receive periodic messages & announcements. If you don't receive them & are on the list, something is wrong! Common problems causing this are discussed Here. Please see me if there are other problems! Please tell me if your email address changes!!
4. Teaching Philosophy: Physics is a set of PHYSICAL PRINCIPLES & LAWS, not equations to memorize! For Exams, you get a "cheat sheet" (1 regular-sized piece of paper) with anything written on it (BOTH SIDES!). For Quizzes, I give you equations. Making a "cheat sheet" helps in studying. Just knowing equations isn't enough. Knowing the PHYSICAL PRINCIPLES behind them & how to apply them are more important!
5. Downloading Quizzes, Exams, Lectures: Some files (especially lectures) are large! This may mean long download times. It might be more efficient to SAVE the file & open it later, rather than open it directly. It might be more efficient to go to the ATLC (library basement), & use a direct connection.
6. Power Point: MS Power Point allows you to make 2,3,4,6, or 9 (tiny) slides per page. More Information.

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