Physics 1404-001 (General Physics II) Lectures
Topics in the book by Nicholas Giordano 2nd Edition
Chapter 25: Wave Optics
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Phys 2401 Lectures

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Part I: Introduction. Coherence & Conditions for Interference. Brief History: 
             Wave & Particle Models of Light. Constructive & Destructive Interference. 
             Huygen's Principle, Wave Diffraction
Part II: Detailed Treatment of Interference. Michelson Interferometer, 
               Application to Gravitational Wave Detection & the LIGO Experiment.
               Constructive & Destructive Interferernce Conditions.
               Dark & Light Interference Fringes. Thin Film Interference.
               Anti-reflective Coatings. 
Part III: Interference & Diffraction through Narrow Slits. Single Slit Diffraction.
                 Double Slit  InterferenceHuygen's Principle.
Part IV: More on Double Slit Interference. 

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