Physics 1404-001 (General Physics II) Lectures
Topics in the book by Nicholas Giordano 2nd Edition
Chapter 23: Electromagnetic Waves  or
Maxwell's Equations of Electromagnetism
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Phys 2401 Lectures

Chapter Summary: A File Provided by the Publisher!
Since the first class day, I've said over & over that
Maxwell's Equations of Electromagnetism!
From that, it should be obvious that
This is the most important chapter in the course!
Part I: Maxwell's Equations: The 4 Laws of Electromagnetism:
              1. Gauss's Law for E Fields (Coulomb's Law has the Same Physics)
              2. Gauss's Law for B Fields  (There are no magnetic charges!)
              3. Faraday's Law: (A changing Magnetic Flux Induces E Fields)
              4. Ampere's Law: (+ Maxwell's Displacement Current Modification) 
                  A current plus a changing Electric Flux induces B Fields
                      Combining 1, 2,3,4 Gives a Wave Equation for both E & B. 
                      The Propagation Speed of the wave = speed of light c!!
Part II: Derived from Maxwell's Equations:
               Electromagnetic Waves  & Their Speed. The EM Spectrum
Part III: Energy & Momentum in EM Waves.  The Poynting Vector
                 Radiation Pressure & Force
Part IV: Some Humor: God, Light, & Maxwell's Equations!           
Potentially Useful Lectures found on the Web:
File 1: Maxwell's Equations: Full Calculus Treatment!
File 2: EM WavesCalculus Treatment! Also Introduction to Photons:
             The Quantum Mechancial Treatment of EM Waves!!

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