Physics 1404-001 (General Physics II) Lectures
Topics in the book by Nicholas Giordano 2nd Edition
Chapter 22: Alternating Current Circuits & Machines
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Phys 2401 Lectures

Chapter Summary: A File Provided by the Publisher!
Note: Due to time constraints, the material for this chapter will be discussed
             only briefly & in an overview fashion.
Part I: Introduction & Terminology.  "AC Circuit" Means That
              Current & Voltage are Functions of Time. Sine or Cosine Functions are assumed.
              In the US, the oscillation frequency is ususally f = 60 Hz. Power in AC Circuits. 
              Peak & mean square values of voltage, current & power. Circuit Analysis. 
                AC Circuits with resistors.  The math description of all of this is identical to that for a 
                simple harmonic oscillator in Classical Mechanics.
Part II: Inductance, EM Oscillations & AC Circuits
Part III: AC Circuits Lecture File Accompanying the Textbook:
                       Physics For Scientists & Engineers with Modern Physics,
                                      by R.A. Serway & J.W. Jewett (a Calculus Based Physics Book)
Potentially Useful Lectures found on the Web:
File 1: Power in AC Circuits.
File 2: Frequency Characteristics of AC Circuits.

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