Physics 1404-001 (General Physics II) Lectures
Topics in the book by Nicholas Giordano 2nd Edition
Chapter 21Magnetic Induction
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Phys 2401 Lectures

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Part I: Introduction, Brief History. Faraday's Experiments & Conclusions
    Faraday's Law of InductionChanging Magnetic Flux Induces an EMF
       Changing Magnetic Flux Induces an EMF. Electric Current is Induced in a 
       in a Secondary Circuit when the Magnetic Flux from a Primary Circuit Changes.
                                       Magnetic Flux = Magnetic Field X Area
                                   Induced EMF = Time Rate of Change of Magnetic Flux
        Lenz's LawInduced Current Flows in a Direction so that it's Magnetic Field Produces 
            a Flux to Oppose the Change in the Flux that Induced the Current to begin with. 
Part II: EMF Induced in a Moving Current Loop:  "Motional EMF"
               Some Applications
Part III: "Back EMF". Applications.
Part IV: Ideal Inductors (Solenoids) as Circuit Elements.
                  Inductors Store Electrical Energy.
Part V: Analysis of Simple Circuits with Inductance.
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