Physics 1404-001 (General Physics II) Lectures
Topics in the book by Nicholas Giordano 2nd Edition
Chapter 19Electric Currents & Circuits
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Phys 2401 Lectures

Chapter Summary: A File Provided by the Publisher!
Part I: Section 19.1: Brief History. Electric Current. Flow of Charge.
             Section 19.2: Batteries. Simple Circuits. 
Part II: Section 19.3Current & Voltage in a Resistor Circuit. Ohm's "Law". 
Part III: Section 19.4 a:  Simple DC Circuits, Batteries, Resistors.
Part IV: Section 19.4 b: More Complicated DC Circuits.  Kirchhoff's Rules.
Part V: Section 19.5:  Adding Capacitors. RC Circuits. Charging/Discharging Capacitors.
             Section 19.7:  RC Circuits as Filters.
Part VI: FYI, Not in the BookMicroscopic Model of Conduction.

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