Physics 1404-001 (General Physics I) Lectures
Note: These Lectures (Power Point) are UNDERGOING CONSTRUCTION!!
A GOAL is to post a revised a lecture before we discuss a topic in class, but I can't promise!
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In addition to these lectures, you might also want to look at my 
Phys 2401 Lectures to see other treatments of the topics.
  (Physics 2401 is Physics II with calculus!)
Based on the book "Physics for Scientists & Engineers",  by R.A. Serway & J.W. Jewett.
Lectures based on our book are linked below. 

Introduction: Introduction to Physics 1404.
              Syllabus, Course Web pages, Grading, Exams
              Homework, Quizzes, Lab, Recitation, Rules.
               The Course Theme is
Maxwell's Equations of Electromagnetism!!
Special Lecture: OverviewThe Structure of Physics.
Chapter 17: Electric Forces and Fields.
        Coulomb's Law, Gauss's Law  & Applications.
Chapter 18: Electric Potential.
        Connection Between Field & Potential. Capacitance.
Chapter 19: Electric Currents and Circuits.
       Resistance & Ohm's "Law". DC Circuits. Kirchhoff's Rules.
Chapter 20: Magnetic Fields and Forces.
       Force on a Current Carrying Wire in Magnetic Field. Ampere's Law. 
Chapter 21: Magnetic Induction.
        Faraday's Law of Induction. Inductance.
       Circuits with Resistance, Capacitance & Inductance.
Chapter 22: AC Current Circuits & Machines.
       AC Current & Voltage. Resistors, Capacitors & Inductors. 
        Resonance. Reactances & Impedances. 
Chapter 23: Electromagnetic Waves:
       Maxwell's Equations of Electromagnetism.
       As I've Said Repeatedly, THE THEME of THIS COURSE is
           Maxwell's Equations of Electromagnetism!
                      From that, it should be obvious that 
              this is the most important chapter in the course!
Chapter 24: Geometric Optics. Ray Model of Light.
        Reflection & Refraction. Law of Reflection. Snell's Law. 
         Lenses, Mirrors, Focal Lengths, Mirror Equation. Thin Lense Equation.
Chapter 25: Wave Optics. Wave Model of Light.
        Coherence. Huygen's Principle. Constructive & Destructive Interference.
           DiffractionMichelson Interferometer. 

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