Physics 1404-001 (General Physics II), Fall, 2017
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Attention! This course is finished! I don't know when or if I will teach it again!
Class Meets: 8:00 - 9:20am, Tuesday AND Thursday, Science Room 0010
The Course Theme is Maxwell's Equations of Electromagnetism!
Attention!! This page & its sub-pages are under construction!
There may be more changes as the semester continues!! 
Last Update, 8/28/17
Fall, 2017 Academic Calendar & Final Exam Schedule.
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Homework on WebAssign:  Instructions. Guide. Local Technical Support.
You MUST be enrolled in a Physics 1404 Lab/Discussion section! Lab/Discussion Syllabus & Rules!

 Suggested Readings:
A. Emailing your Professor without being annoying!
B. 10 Ways to tick off your Professor!
1. Class Begins: 8:00 am, Tuesday & Thursday, in Science Room 010First Meeting is Tues., Aug. 29See you there! 
      Please try be on time, because I'll always try to start at exactly 8am & we always will have a lot to discuss! 
2.  Assignment #1: ASAP, read Chapter 17: Electric Forces & Fields. Power Point Lectures on this material are posted on the Lecture Page. If you download Lectures BEFORE I cover material in class, you can bring them & follow along on as the class proceeds. A homework assignment on this material is posted on WebAssign.
3.  Assignment #2: ASAP, read Chapter 198: Electric Potential. Power Point Lectures on this material will soon be posted on the Lecture Page. A homework assignment on this material is posted on WebAssign.
4. Physics 1404 Lab/Discussion: You MUST be enrolled in a Physics 1404 Lab/Discussion section! Lab/Discussion Syllabus & Rules!
5. Homework on WebAssign is REQUIRED. Access Instructions. Getting Started Guide. Local Techniccal Support. The only way to learn physics is to DO physics by working many, many physics problems! To force you to do this, homework is required & must be done on the on-line homework website WebAssign. As was discussed during the first class, the homework counts 10% of your grade in this course.   
6. How Do You Learn PhysicsIt's usually not sufficient to just read the book, come to class, & watch me solve problems (but, these can't hurt!).  The ONLY way to learn physics is to DO PHYSICS YOURSELF (or with friends) by WORKING MANY, MANY, MANY PROBLEMS!!
7. Class Email List: A class email distribution list exists. Please let me know if you would prefer to use an email address besides your one. Please check your email DAILY!!   Here is an important email announcement!!

Miscellaneous Topics
1. Dr. Myles' Homepage  & Research Page.
2. Physics News: Physics Central (for the public).
                            Focus News (advanced level) from the APS.
3. Some Physics & Science Fun!!, The Ig-Nobel Prizes
                   The Journal of Improbable Research (yes, that is really it's name!)
4. Check out the Top 10 most influential people of the last 1000 years!
      (Link borrowed from Dr. Tom Gibson!).

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