Physics 1403-001 (General Physics I) Lectures
Topics in the book by Nicholas Giordano 2nd Edition
Chapter 5 Circular Motion and Gravitation 
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Chapter Summary: A File Provided by the Publisher!
Part I: Uniform Circular Motion A: Introduction. 
              Centripetal Acceleration, Centripetal Forces.
              Newton's 2nd Law  with Centripetal Forces. Examples 
Part II: Uniform Circular Motion B: Unbanked & Banked 
               Highway Curves. Friction on Highway Curves. Examples 
Supplement I: Newton's Life & AccomplishmentsHistorical
              Summary by a Non-Historian. Laws of Motion. Gravitation Law. 
              Calculus, Alchemy, Biblical Studies, Newton's Personality
              Newton's Bad Treatment of Colleagues.
Part III: Newton's Universal Gravitation Law AIntroduction.
                 Brief History. Gravitation Force Law. G vs. g. g Near Earth. 
                 Altitude Dependence of g. Examples 
Part IV: Newton's Universal Gravitation Law B: Satillites.
                "Weightlessness". Examples 
Supplement II: Newton's "Cannon" or  Newton's "Mountain":
               Brief Discussion of Newton's Ideas for Putting Objects in Earth Orbit
                    Published in 1687 in his book "Principia Mathematica"!!
Part V: Kepler's Laws & Planetary Motion: Kepler's Empirical
                Laws of Planetary Motion. A Brief Discussion. 

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