Physics 1403-001 (General Physics I) Lectures
Topics in the book by Nicholas Giordano 2nd Edition
Chapter 4Forces & Motion in 2 & 3 Dimensions
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Part I: Vectors in 2 & 3 Dimensions A: Introduction
                Graphical Method of Addition.
Part II: Vectors in 2 & 3 Dimensions B: Trigonometry Review
                Trigonometric Method of Addition. Examples 
Part III: Projectile Motion A: Introduction, Kinematic Equations 
                  in Vertical & Horizontal Directions. 
Part IV: Projectile Motion B: Vertical Motion is Free Fall
                 Horizontal Motion Has Constant Velocity. Examples 
Part V: Applications of Newton's Laws of Motion: Forces are Vectors!
                Newton's 2nd Law in Two Dimensions. Examples
Part VI: Motion on Inclined Planes: Newton's 2nd Law in a
                 Tilted Coordinate System Examples 
Part VII: Introduction to Statics: Newton's 2nd Law with 
                   No Motion!  Examples 
Part VIII: Relative Motion: Introduction, Relative Velocities.

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