Physics 1403-001 (General Physics I) Lectures
Topics in the book by Nicholas Giordano 2nd Edition
Chapter 2Motion, Forces, & Newton's Laws of Motion
Chapter 3Forces & Motion in 1 Dimension
Note: Some Lectures (Power Point) are UNDERGOING REVISIONS!!
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Chapter 2 Summary & Chapter 3 Summary
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NOTE: I think that it is logical to treat Chapters 2 & 3 in the book as 2 parts of a single 
chapter rather than 2. So, these lectures have been organized that way.
Optional Information: Aristotle's Mechanics Is 100% WRONG!
                                      It is of historical interest only!
Part I: Kinematics: Terminology & Defnitions, Reference Frames, Distance
              Speed, Scalars & Vectors, Displacement, Average & Instantaneous 
              Velocity, Average & Instantaneous Acceleration. Examples 
Part II: 1- Dimensional Motion at Constant Acceleration:
               1-Dimensional Kinematic Equations. Examples 
Part III: Vertical Motion in Earth's Gravity:
               The Free Fall Problem Examples 
Part IV: Force & Motion - Dynamics: Definiton of Force
                  Classification of Forces, SI Unit of Force, Inertia & Mass
                   Newton's 1st & 2nd Laws of Motion, Examples
Part V: Dynamics Continued: Newton's 3rd Law of Motion
                Action-Reaction Pairs of Forces,  Examples
Part VI: Dynamics Continued: More Discussion of
                  Newton's 3rd Law of Motion, Examples
Part VII: Treatment of Friction: Static & Kinetic Friction. 
                   Friction Coefficients. Friction Force and Normal Force. 
                 Friction in Newton's 2nd Law of MotionExamples
Part VIII: Tension in Cables, Wires & Strings. Model, 
                    "Massless" Cables, Wires & Strings. Newton's 2nd Law
                  of Motion with Cables, Wires & Strings,   Examples

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