Phys. 1403 Supplemental Instruction & Help Session Schedule
Dr. Charles W. Myles

Wednesday, May 4, 3:00-5:00 PM, Room 10 Science!
NOTE: If we aren't in Room 10, look in Room 112!!
This is "Dead Day", so there are no classes or Final Exams that day!

SI Sessions:
    SI sessions are run by the TTU Supple
mental Instruction Office & I don't have much (directly) to do with them. Experience shows that students who regularly attend these earn (on average) higher grades in the course than those who don't! SI sessions for both of my sections are Monday & Thursday, 4-5:30pm in Room 225 Holden Hall. Mr. Brian Hermis conducts both.
    The SI sessions for Dr. Quade's section are Monday, 3:30-5pm & Thursday, 5-6:30pm in Rm 233  Holden Hall. Ms. Sarah Homer conducts these. You are welcome to attend these if the schedule for my sections is inconvenient.   
    WARNING: Dr. Quade's coverage of material & his speed of coverage are usually very different than mine!

Help/Problem Solving Sessions:
    I'll have help sessions each Wednesday (except the 2nd Wednesday of the month!) at 4pm in Science Room 112. Come to ask about homework or about anything in the course you are having trouble with.
Please come prepared to ask questions! I will NOT lecture at these!

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