Physics 1403-001 (General Physics I)Fall, 2016
Class Meets: 2-2:50pm, Mon., Wed., AND Fri., Sc. Room 007
The Course Theme
is Newton's Laws of Motion!
Attention!! This page & its sub-pages are undergoing modifications!
There may be more changes as the semester continues!!
Last Update, 9/13/16
Fall, 2016 TTU Academic Calendar. Final Exam Schedule.
Course Syllabus  Announcements  Lectures  Exams  Quizzes
Homework on WebAssign: InstructionsGuide. Local Technical Support.
You MUST be enrolled in a Physics 1403 Lab/Discussion section! Lab Syllabus & Rules!   

Instructor & Contact Information
Dr. Charles W. Myles, Professor of Physics
Office: Science Room 18. Phone: 834-4563. E-mail:
Office Hours: 3:00 - 4:00pm MWF, 10:00 - 11:00am TR, & by appointment.
Physics Webpage:
A class email distribution list will be developed.
Please let me know if you would prefer to use an email address besides your one.
Please check your email DAILY!! Here is an important email announcement!!
Suggested Readings: A.  Emailing your Professor without being annoying!
              B. 10 Ways to tick off your Professor!
College Physics: Reasoning & Relationships, by N.J. Giordano (Brooks/Cole). 
ISBN-10: 0-8400-5819-5. ISBN-13: 978-0-8400-5819-5.
The Latest Edition with WebAssign Access is REQUIRED!!
The textbook has a Website which contains helpful information
Note: The book is available from bookstores & on-line. New & used versions & hard copy or paperback are available. An eBook option is available. Publisher's Price =  $314.95!  An on-line search finds a wide range of prices (I found prices as low as $45!!).
I urge you to shop around for this book & to find the best price for you.
Given the book cost, wouldn't it be worthwhile to READ IT??? 

Course Topics, Objective & Level, Math Pre-Requisites
Topics: From Chs. 1-13 of text. Detailed coverage will be announced as we go.
Level: This course is at the standard introductory physics level.
Objective: This is 1st semester, Algerbra-Trig based Physics!! See Syllabus. The pace of the material is necessarily fast. Some colleagues call it "Firehose Physics" because it goes so fast that learning something is analogous to drinking out of a firehose!

Math Pre-Requisites: The math needed for this course is Algebra & Trigonometry (or Pre-Calculus). This ISN'T a math course! It's not my job to teach you math. There isn't time! I must assume that you know it! Major problems that students have with this course are the fast pace & the math. The Syllabus has course details, discussions of Exams, Quizzes, Homework, & grading scheme. PLEASE READ IT!

Laboratory/Discussion Co-Requisite
You MUST be enrolled in a Physics 1403 Lab/Discussion Section!
Exceptions?? See the Physics office (Sc. Rm. 101, 834-0416)! Lab/Discussion SyllabusLab Rules!
 Physics 1403 Labs won't meet until the week of Sept. 12-16!
In order to be admitted to your first lab meeting, you are required to have a Physics 1403 Lab Manual! The Society of Physics Students has them on sale in Sc. Rm. 004. The days & times they are open are posted on the door to that room.
Attend as many classes as possible, come to class prepared, do the homework, 
READ the material BEFORE I lecture over it, & keep up as we go along!

Attendance: I don't take roll & I have no specific attendance policy. But, isn't it obvious that (unless you're a genius!) class attendance is REQUIRED to get a good grade? (or to LEARN SOMETHING!)? There's a correlation between class attendance & grades. Skipping also means that you are WASTING the tuition & fees that you paid! With tuition & fees for a full-time (in state) student, each class meeting costs about $27. Each time you skip, you are throwing away $27. After a while this adds up! My lectures may not be entertaining or brilliant, but I do expose you to the material.
NOTE: The weekend doesn't start Friday, which is a CLASS DAY!!
On Time Attendance: Out of courtesy to me & your classmates, PLEASE COME TO CLASS ON TIME!!! It's very RUDE to noisily barge into a room where a class is underway! Similarly, it's very RUDE to leave in the middle of a class! Please don't come if you can't attend for the full class or if you aren't able to arrive on time!  Physical illness is an obvious exception. If you have an expected reason to be late or to leave early, please try to let me know beforehand.
The textbook Website contains many Help resources
A Google search, here, finds 7,900 + websites about this book!
Here is a Help Resources document with links to Physics Help Webpages. 
A useful Document: "How to Succeed in Physics by Really Trying"!
I URGE YOU to take advantage of these numerous resources! 
Hints: This course is difficult & very fast paced! If you are typical, to get a good grade, you should spend
at least 2 to 3 hours per week outside of class studying this course for every hour in class!!

Announcements & Calendar Items
Announcement Page:  Has announcements & calendar items.
I'll attempt to update it shortly after each class. 
 Please check it at least 2 or 3 times a week!

Lectures & Exams
COPYRIGHT: Lectures & Exams are copyrighted & owned by Charles W. Myles! 
No reproduction or use of them other than by students in this course  is allowed!
Lecture Page: Has Power Point Lectures.
Some of them may be modified as we proceed.
A strategy might be to download Lectures BEFORE I cover the material in class. 
You can print them, several slides per page. Rather than try to take notes on everything in class, you can follow along on the printed Lectures.
Exams Page: Has some old exams & solutions.
You are strongly encouraged to form study groups to study for exams together! This is how professionals work in "real life"!! Try to solve the old Exams BEFORE looking at the solutions. You CAN'T LEARN PHYSICS by copying solutions!! 
Exams I, II, & III will be scheduled approximately evenly throughout the semester. The exact dates will be announced well in advance.
The FINAL EXAM is scheduled by TTU for 4:30 - 7:00pm, Wed., Dec. 14!.

On-Line Homework
Homework is REQUIRED & is assigned graded through WebAssign.
Access & Registration Instructions are Here.
 Getting Started Guide. Local Technical Support.
Our Course Key is: ttu 5110 2963. Access instructions should also be in your Student Access Kit. 
If you didn't get an Access Kit with the book, please buy one ASAP at WebAssign.
Working problems is the most effective means of learning physics!!
Homework will come from end of chapter problems in the text. Once you register on WebAssign, you'll be able to work on assignments. I'll ATTEMPT to post assignments about the same time as we start a topic. Typically, assignments will be Due at 11:30 pm about 5 days later. There will be several problem sets. You might find problem solutions elsewhere. If so, try to solve them first without looking at the solutions!! Copying solutions won't teach you physics!
COPYRIGHT: Quizzes are copyrighted & owned by Charles W. Myles! 
No reproduction or use of them other than by students in this course is allowed!
Quizzes Page: Has old quizzes & solutions. To try to prevent the attendance decreases seen semesters, especially Fridays, a short (~10 min) Quiz will be given EACH FRIDAY, with simple questions about what recently happened in class and/or with problems similar to those in the Homework. These are averaged with Homework. Quiz average = 1 Homework Assignment. So the Quiz grade is a very small portion of the course grade. See the Syllabus
 There will be NO make-up quizzes for any reason!! 
It makes no logical sense to give make-ups on something that is designed to make you come on Fridays! 
Try to solve the old quizzes BEFORE looking at the solutions. You CAN'T LEARN PHYSICS by copying solutions! You are strongly encouraged to form groups to work on homework & study for quizzes together! This is how most professionals work in "real life"! Studying old quizzes will do you the most good if you try the problems BEFORE looking at solutions. Copying solutions WON'T teach you physics!!!

Some Miscellaneous Course-Related Information is Here. 
Items covered: Attendance, Study Groups, Labs, Email List, My Teaching Philosophy, Textbook,  
Tips on Downloading & Printing Course Related Files, Fonts in Course Related Files 

Miscellaneous Topics
1. Dr. Myles' Homepage  & Research Page.
2. Physics News: Physics Central (for the public).
                                Focus News (advanced level) from the APS.
3. Some Physics & Science Fun!!, The Ig-Nobel Prizes
                   The Journal of Improbable Research (yes, that is really it's name!)
4. Check out the Top 10 most influential people of the last 1000 years!
      (Link borrowed from Dr. Tom Gibson!).
5. In this course, we talk about the view of the physical world developed first by Galileo Galilei & later put into precise mathematical form by Sir Isaac Newton. The lives of both are interesting (to me) from a historical viewpoint as well as from a scientific viewpoint. The following two documents give brief illustrations of what I mean. Galileo Galilei document. Sir Isaac Newton document.  A "Google" search on Galileo gives 2,110,000 hits. Here is an interesting one. A "Google" search on Newton gives 1,840,000 hits. Here is a good one.

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