Physics 1403 (General Physics I)
Quizzes & Solutions, Spring, 2008
Quizzes are in Word (.doc) format. Solutions are in .jpg format.
Note: Some files contain special Greek &/or math symbols. Unless you have proper fonts installed, these won't be interpreted correctly by your computer! Click Here to get Word, free or almost free! A good strategy is to try to solve old quizzes BEFORE looking at solutions. You CAN'T LEARN PHYSICS by copying solutions! COPYRIGHT: All quizzes are copyrighted & owned by C.W. Myles! No reproduction &/or use of them other than by students  in this course  is allowed! Printing Solutions: If you use Internet Explorer (IE) browser, there's a problem printing .jpg files. For some reason, these don't fit properly on the page when you "Print" directly from the screen, even though it looks ok on the screen. A way around this (cumbersome) is to download the .jpg to a file & use a picture viewer to view & print it. Using Netscape & Mozzila's Firefox, this doesn't occur. I think its a defect in IE, not a problem with the files, which were always fine until the latest version of IE came out. Sorry!
Before Spring, 2008, quizzes were given instead of graded homework. But, starting that semester, homework was assigned & graded on-line using Mastering Physics. So, starting then, the quiz format was changed comparison to previous semesters. Specifically, the question types were slightly simplified & the quiz lengths were shortened in comparison with those of the past. Beginning in Spring, 2008, the quizzes were approximate "blends" of the older style quizzes (from before Spring, 2008) & the Reading Quizzes given each Friday in some previous semesters. Also, beginning in Spring, 2008, to encourage Friday attendance a quiz is given EACH FRIDAY!!

                              Quiz 1: Ch. 1, Introduction to Course.                                   Questions      Solutions
                              Quiz 2
: Ch. 2, 1 Dimensional Motion.                                   Questions      Solutions
                              Quiz 3
: Ch. 2, Free Fall.  Ch. 3, Vectors.                              Questions      Solutions
                              Quiz 4
: Ch. 3, Projectile Motion.                                           Questions      Solutions
                              Quiz 5: Ch. 4, Newton's Laws. Newton the man.                   Questions      Solutions
                              Quiz 6
: Ch. 4, Friction & Inclines. Ch. 5, 1st Part.                Questions      Solutions
                              Quiz 7: Ch. 5, Circular Motion.                                             Questions      Solutions
                              Quiz 8: Ch. 5, Newton's Gravitation Law.                             Questions     Solutions
                              Quiz 9: Ch. 6 & Ch. 7, General Ideas.                                    Questions     Solutions
                              Quiz 10: Ch. 7, Momentun & Collisions.                               Questions     Solutions
                              Quiz 11: Ch. 7, Center of Mass. Ch. 8, Rotational Basics.    Questions     Solutions
                              Quiz 12: Ch. 8, Rotational Kinematics.                                 Questions     Solutions
                              Quiz 13: Ch. 8, Rotational Dynamics. Ch. 10, Fluids.           Questions     Solutions
                              Quiz 14: Ch. 10, Fluid Dynamics.                                         Questions      Solutions

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