Physics 1403 (General Physics I)
Quizzes & Solutions, Fall, 2008
Quizzes are in Word (.doc) format. Solutions are in .jpg format.
Note: Some files contain special Greek &/or math symbols. Unless you have proper fonts installed, these won't be interpreted correctly by your computer! Click Here to get Word, free or almost free! A good strategy is to try to solve old quizzes BEFORE looking at solutions. You CAN'T LEARN PHYSICS by copying solutions! COPYRIGHT: Quizzes are copyrighted & owned by C.W. Myles! No reproduction or use of them other than by students  in this course  is allowed! Printing Solutions: If you use Internet Explorer (IE), there's a problem printing .jpg files. For some reason, these don't fit properly on the page when you "Print" directly from the screen, even though it looks ok on the screen. A way around this (cumbersome) is to download the .jpg to a file & use a picture viewer to view & print it. Using Netscape & Mozzilla's Firefox, this doesn't occur. I think its a defect in IE, not a problem with the files. Sorry!
Before Spring, 2008, quizzes were given instead of graded homework. But, starting that semester, homework was assigned & graded on-line using Mastering Physics. So, starting then, the quiz format was changed comparison to previous semesters. Specifically, the question types were slightly simplified & the quiz lengths were shortened in comparison with those of the past. Beginning in Spring, 2008, the quizzes were approximate "blends" of the older style quizzes (from before Spring, 2008) & the Reading Quizzes given each Friday in some previous semesters.

 Quiz 1: Ch. 1, Introduction to Course.     Solution Page: 1

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