Physics 1403 (General Physics I) Lectures
(Power Point, .ppt, format)
Chapters 10 - 12
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      *Chapter 10, Part I: Density, Pressure, Pascal's Principle, Fluid Statics (1.01 MB)

     *Chapter 10, Part II: Fluid Statics, Buoyancy, Archimedes' Principle, Applications (1.27 MB)

     *Chapter 10, Part III: Fluid Dynamics, Bernouli's Principle & Equation, Applications (1.24 MB)

     *Chapter 11, Part I: Simple Harmonic Oscillator, Mass-Spring System (1.12 MB)

     *Chapter 11, Part II:  Simple Pendulum; Damped Oscillator; Forced Oscillations (439 kB)

     *Chapter 11, Part III: Wave Motion Basics. Longitudinal, Transverse, & Spherical Waves (1.33 MB)

     *Chapter 11, Part IV: Waves: Reflection, Interference, Superposition, Standing Waves (1.44 MB)

     *Chapter 12, Part I: Sound: Characteristics, Intensity, Sources & Musical Instruments (1.72 MB)

     *Chapter 12, Part II: Sound: Interference & Beats, The Doppler Effect (510 kB)

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