1) If a piece of material is wrapped in paper and placed on a photographic plate in a dark room, and when developed, the spot on the plate, under the material appears to have been exposed to light, what would you hypothesize happened based on the evidence ONLY, not on your previous knowledge from other classes or other sources. Explain your reasoning.


2) Joe started a pizzeria. He sold ten pizzas the first week. If the number of pizzas sold each week doubled every week, how many weeks would it be before he sells 80 pizzas per week? 500 pizzas per week? Explain your reasoning or your calculation.


3) You are in charge of setting the limits for the allowed exposure to radiation of medical professionals working in a hospital. What do you have to take into account in setting the limits? What information would you need? What research would you have to do to determine the allowed amount? What research would you have to do in order to determine the best way to monitor the amount of radiation to which people in different parts of the hospital were exposed? Explain. 


4) How would you determine what is coming out of a radioactive source using what you know about electricity and magnetism?  Explain.